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Zoo Fun Adventures

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We are taking a trip to the zoo this week in Pre-K/PPCD and there are many adventures to be had.

Zoo Centers


Our first stop on our trip to the zoo is at the sensory table. We found this fun sensory bin on Pinterest and recreated it for our students.

Pink and Green Mama - Zoo Sensory Bin

To start our version we used shredded green butcher paper left over from our farm sensory table (see our post entitled Farm Sensory Fun) as the grass and dried oats as the sand/dirt. We created trees by recycling toilet paper tubes and hot gluing green felt on the tops as the leaves.

Zoo Sensory Bin

We added a fence which was made by take clothespins and hot gluing them onto a chenille stick.

Zoo Sensory Bin

The animals were the final addition to our sensory bin. We used a few small plush animals which we already had in the classroom.

Zoo Sensory Bin

Zoo Sensory Bin

Our students absolutely love playing in this sensory bin. We will definitely be using this sensory bin again in the future!

Zoo Sensory Bin


Our next stop in our adventure took us to the art center. We found a unique lion craft on Pinterest in which the students got to paint with forks.

Lion Craft for Kids Using a Fork #Zoo art project | CraftyMorning.com

To begin we used yellow construction paper and traced a medium sized circle on it.

Zoo Lion Craft

Students then used a black marker to draw the lion’s nose and mouth. We had a roll of eye stickers from Discount School Supply which we used as the eyes of our lions.

Zoo Lion Craft  Zoo Lion Craft

Students then painted orange paint on the lion using a plastic fork to create the mane. Painting with the fork gave the mane a textured look which turned out very cool.

Zoo Lion Craft Zoo Lion Craft Zoo Lion Craft

Zoo Lion Craft

We hope you have enjoyed our adventures. If you try any of these ideas or ideas of your own, please comment. We would love to hear about your own experiences!

-Heather & Angie

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