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Weather & Seasons 2

We are having a super busy week. We are finalizing our Mother’s Day gifts (you can read our post on the activities for Mother’s Day here) and beginning our new theme of changes, specifically changes in the weather & seasons.


We always try to incorporate our topic of study into our sensory bin, weather is certainly no exception. Our students come in on Mondays asking what is new in the sensory center!

We found this cool weather sensory bin idea on Pinterest. Here is the original pin we found: Weather Sensory Tub- Here's what's inside: :: Blue aquarium rocks (the sky) :: Cotton balls (clouds) :: Blue beads (raindrops) :: Silver pipe cleaners (lightening bolts) :: A felt sun :: Small puffs (snow) & snowflake shapes :: Rainbow pom poms (click here for my tutorial on how to make your own) :: Plastic cubes (ice/hail) :: Small silver pitcher and shovel (for scooping & pouring)We LOVED this weather bin! As with most of the ideas we find, we did a few minor changes that you will notice in our final product. We didn’t have any of the blue gravel, but we did have some of the blue Crayola sand that we had bought years ago at Wal-Mart, but can be found through this link:Sandbox Family - Crayola Colored Sand

We also made our rainbow from Wikki-Stix which can be found here:

Wikki Stix® Primary ColorsWe used foam snowflakes that were leftover form Christmas and there you have it, we have a fun weather themed sensory bin.

weather & seasons, sensory bin, pre-k, special needs


IMG_5590 IMG_5591 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


We don’t know about your kiddos, but ours LOVE to paint! Their eyes light up when they see us get out any type of painting materials.

We decided that we would do an abstract finger painting art project for the four seasons. We used masking tape to tape off four rectangles on a 12 x 14 manilla paper. We then labeled a rectangle for each of the four seasons.

finger painting, four seasons, weather, preschool, special needs, arts and crafts

We thought we should use two colors to represent each season. We asked the kids and together we chose the colors for the four seasons. We used white and light blue for Winter, medium green and light green for Spring, blue and yellow for Summer and orange and brown for Fall.

finger painting, preschool, special needfs, weather and seasons

At first, the kids only used one finger to paint. We had to show them how to use all of their fingers. They had a blast once they got the hang of it.

weather & seasons, sensory, pre-k, special needs

They turned out to be really cool paintings. We think they did a great job! What do you all think?


The kids had fun with our activities this week and so did we. We came up with an art idea for the four seasons and we will definitely do this abstract finger painting again!

If you have done something similar and had different results we would love to hear about your experiences. Please comment and share your ideas with us!


We wanted to share a great comment we got about our seasons finger painting activity. When one of our educator friends saw the final product she said that it looks like a window looking outside here in our home state of Texas. If you are also from Texas you will understand this comment, since in Texas there are times when we get all four seasons in one day! Thanks for the great feedback Shelley!

-Angie & Heather

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