Grand Canyon Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trips

Do you love taking field trips but don’t have the means? Virtual field trips are an excellent way to expose your students to many different wonderful sights and experiences without ever leaving your classroom!

We try to find virtual field trips to take our kids on for many different units of study. Though we are unable to take physical field trips, our students are able to have many opportunities through virtual experiences. Check out some of these great virtual field trips for your classroom.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Virtual Field TripNiagara Falls Live Webcam

One of our favorite virtual field trips is Niagara Falls. There is a live webcam of the falls you can watch. The kids have the experience of hearing the falls, seeing the mist, and watching people walk by. This virtual field trip is definitely one worth taking!

Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest Virtual Field TripRedwood Forest

Exploring the Redwood Forest is another great option for a virtual field trip. This virtual field trip allows you to look up at the Redwood and Sequoia trees. The kids are always amazed at the height of these trees!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Virtual Field TripGolden Gate Bridge Virtual Tour

Another great virtual experience to share with your students is a tour of the Golden Gate Bridge. This virtual tour allows you to actually walk across the bridge. You can also take on different viewpoints during your walk across the bridge, giving everyone unique views of the San Francisco Bay. This a great experience for kids who may not otherwise ever get to take a trip on the bridge.

Zoo Cams

Most zoos have animal cams that allow you to watch different animals in their habitats. Here are a few of the great zoo cams out there.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Virtual Field TripSan Diego Zoo Animal Cams

The San Diego zoo offers four animal cams to viewers. These include pandas, elephants, apes, and polar bears. The kids always have so much fun viewing the different animals!

National Zoo

National Zoo Animal CamsNational Zoo Animal Cams

The National Zoo offers live animal cams for elephants, lion cubs, and pandas. These webcams are a great way to check out some animals in their habitats and see their daily routines.

Zoo Cams are a fun addition to any unit on animals, biomes, or other life science lessons.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park Virtual Field Trip Yellowstone National Park Webcams

Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place to visit and offers so many unique experiences for all. Unfortunately, for many of us Yellowstone is too far to visit with our students. A great alternative to a physical visit is to take your kids on a virtual field trip through the park by watching one of the many live webcams offered by the park. Your students can catch Old Faithful Geyser erupting, Mammoth Hot Springs, and more. These webcams are worth checking out!

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Virtual Field TripGrand Canyon

This Grand Canyon virtual field trip offers 360 degree views from 12 different lookout points. Each point shows the viewer different scenery. These views make you feel as if you are actually standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Virtual Roller Coaster Rides

Virtual roller coaster rides are another of our favorite virtual field trips. During our study of giants made by people we always take our kiddos on some virtual roller coaster rides. The kids absolutely love the thrill of riding a roller coaster from our classroom.

You can find a plethora of virtual roller coaster rides just by searching on YouTube. We do caution you though that some of the videos may have inappropriate language. It is paramount that you preview the video you wish to show beforehand to assure the language is appropriate for your classroom.

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