Tips & Tricks Vol. 2

Have you seen those Life Hacks that are all over the internet? Well here are two Educator Hacks that we hope you can use.

Watercolor Trick

 We all know that painting with watercolors can be messy with the younger kiddos having trouble keeping their little cups of water upright and the water in the cup turns a yucky brown color. With this tip, those problems are a thing of the past!


I found this tip years ago in an issue of The Mailbox. All you need is a spray bottle filled with water and a paper towel for each painter. 

 Just give the tray of paints a few sprays and the kids are ready to paint. When the paints start to dry, you just spray them again and they are good to go! When the kids want to paint with another color, they  use their paper towel to clean their brush before painting with a different color and the colors stay much cleaner.

We promise if you try this just once, you will forever use a spray bottle for watercolors!

Writing Tip


Our wonderful Occupational Therapist gave us this tip. By using a small a crayon or pencil poked through the holes in a wiffle ball, small hands begin to get the proper arch that is needed to hold writing utensils correctly.


You may have to cut through one of the holes on one side in order to get the crayon started.


Once you have done that the crayon will slide right into the ball. It is super easy to change the crayon. One of our students even did it on his own!

Look at that great grasp!

We hope these tips & tricks help you all as much as they have helped us! If you try one of our tips & tricks and you have anything to add, please comment and let us know. 

-Angie and Heather

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