Tell All Tuesday Reality Show

Tell All Tuesday – Our Reality Show 3

Tell All Tuesday Reality Show

Hello all! It’s Tuesday again and we are linking up with Teach Talk Inspire and My Day In K for their tell all Tuesday summer linky party. This week’s theme is if my life were a reality show it would be called… There are so many different directions this could go. In the end we were torn between two different scenarios, so we thought we would share both.

The Circus

Tell All Tuesday - Circus Reality Show

Spending a day at the circus is very similar to spending a day in our Pre-K/PPCD class. Everyday we take on new roles. There are days we have to be a lion tamer. Sometimes we feel like a juggler, trying to keep multiple things going at once. Other times we have to be acrobats, flexible and able to maneuver through difficult tasks. You just never know what you are going to get working with kids of any age, but especially four and five year olds. There are many days we feel we are part of a three ring circus!


Tell All Tuesday - Survivor Reality Show

Our second reality show idea is similar to survivor where only the strong survive. Just like on survivor, we are sometimes put in hostile environments and encounter the unexpected. There are days when it takes all of our strength to survive. Handling tantrums and meltdowns, bodily fluids and wild kids on days of indoor recess is enough to make anyone want to be voted out of the classroom. Take some willing adults, throw them in our classroom, and see who survives! I would definitely love to watch some non-teachers try and make it through a day in the classroom!


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s tell all Tuesday and our ideas for classroom reality shows. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, leave us a comment! We would love to hear what you think!

-Heather & Angie

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