On The Move!

We just started a new theme on things that move, including transportation, travel, locations, and more. Through a few Pinterest searches we found some fun ways to integrate this theme into our centers.

In our art center the students got to create geometric trucks using die cut shapes. The idea came from this pin:

Build a Truck! Fun way to review SHAPES with preschoolers. Truck activity for kids!

The trucks were very easy to make and the students had a lot of fun choosing shapes and putting them together to create a unique truck. We began by die cutting a few different shapes including squares, circles, and rectangles all in various sizes and colors. Then the students chose the shapes they wanted to use and glued them on a sheet of manila paper to create a truck.



The results are as cute and unique as each student!


We love to change out our sensory table as often as possible and found a fun transportation themed sensory bin on Pinterest. We used dry black beans, yellow straws cut into small pieces, Hot Wheels type cars, toilet paper tubes stuffed with a paper towel, and red, yellow, and green pom-poms. We arranged the straws to look like the stripes on a road and created a few different lanes. Each lane is equipped with a stoplight using a toilet paper tube stuffed with a paper towel and one set of red, yellow, and green pom-poms. The students can choose what color the stoplight should be and put that color pom-pom in the toilet paper tube.

                                               Here is the original pin:                                                         Here is our variation:

                                       Vehicle Sensory Bins...fun play activities for kids                                         

This sensory bin has been a hit! We will definitely be using this again in our classroom.


Through a few Pinterest searches we also landed on an idea to incorporate transportation with our light table. Angie used lamination film and sharpies to create railroad tracks, a river, roads, and a runway. Through trial and error we discovered that silver sharpie did not show up.

Original Pin:                                                                                      Our Variation:

Trains and Tracks for Light Boxes and Light Tables from Play Trains!                                      


These were placed on the light table along with small light table vehicles we have and the kids went to town with them!


We hope these ideas provide some inspiration for you to get creative with transportation in your classroom. If you try any of these ideas or have a few of your own please share them with us. We would love to hear from you!

Heather & Angie

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