Preschool Name Activities

Name Activities

Summer officially begins this week for us and we are beyond excited to have a break to rest, relax, and refuel! Before we officially check out for the summer we want to share some name activities. These activities are great for teachers to make and send home with their students to work on over the summer or for parents to create and do at home.

Name Activities

This year we created name bags for our students filled with independent, self-checking activities they can use to practice writing and spelling their names. Each student had their own gallon size resealable bag. Within the bag were several different name activities for the child, each sealed in a smaller sandwich or snack size bag and labeled with the child’s name. The purpose of labeling every bag is to allow the students to check their own work and to keep the pieces to each activity together.

Name Bag

Check out these 10 simple name activities from our name bags.

  1. Magnetic Letters – gather the letters in the child’s name and allow them to manipulate the letters to spell their name.
  2. Snap Cubes – using different color snap cubes, write one letter of the child’s name on each of the snap cubes. Kids will not only practice spelling their name with this activity, but will also boost their fine motor skills by snapping the cubes together.
  3. Stringing Letters – children use letter beads to string together the letters of their name with yarn practicing both the spelling of their name and working on their fine motor skills. The letter beads are made by Roylco and can be purchased from their website.
  4. Name Puzzles – we created our own name puzzles by writing each child’s name on a sentence strip, laminating it, and then cutting apart the letters.
  5. Disappearing Letter Worksheet – these worksheets were super easy to create. I started with the child’s name in its entirety and with each line took away one letter, thus allowing the kids to write the letter on their own. The sheet continues this way until the last line is totally blank leaving the child to independently write their name.
  6. Popsicle Stick Names – each child has popsicles sticks with one letter of their name written on each popsicle stick. The sticks can be arranged to spell the child’s name.
  7. Foam Names – each child’s name is written out on small foam pieces which they arrange to spell their name.
  8. Nameplate – each child has a nameplate (these can be found at any teacher supply store) with their name written in highlighter. The nameplate is laminated and the child can then trace their name with a crayon and wipe off with a tissue.
  9. Name Tracing – the website ESL Writing Wizard allows you to create free name tracing worksheets. We printed one for each child and laminated it so they can write on it with a crayon and wipe it off after each use.
  10. Self-Check Name Spelling – each child’s name is written twice on a piece of cardstock and then laminated. One of the samples of their name is left in tact, the other is cut apart by letter. The child can then piece their name back together using the sample of their name to self-check.

Preschool Name Activities Preschool Name Activities

Name Rockets

This next name activity is always a big hit every year. Each student creates their own personalized rocket with their name on it. The idea originally came from Mrs. Karen’s Class blog. This is her version:

Preschool Name Rocket

To create the rockets you will need the following supplies:

  • Black construction paper
  • 1″ squares in various colors
  • Triangles in various colors
  • Markers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Star Stickers
  • Glitter Glue

Each child gets one piece of black construction paper and the appropriate number of squares to spell their name. Using markers the students write one letter of their name on each square. They then arrange the letters to spell their name vertically and glue them on the paper along with one triangle to create the nose of the rocket. Students then used glitter glue to give the illusion the rocket is blasting off and adds some star stickers surrounding the rocket.

Preschool Name Rockets

This activity is a great addition to a unit on transportation or space. We use this name activity every year and every year the kids love it!

Sparkling Names

Our next name activity combines phonemic awareness with fine motor skills. Before beginning each child’s name was written out on a half sheet of construction paper. Every child was then given a sheet of foil star stickers and placed the stickers over the written name to create a sparkling version of their name spelled out in stars.

This idea originally came from Fun-A-Day blog, but we modified it by using foil star stickers instead of sequins. The stickers were less mess than gluing on sequins and offered fine motor practice by having students peel the stickers off the sheet themselves.

Preschool Sparkle Names

We hope you have been inspired by these name activities! These ideas offer kids many different avenues to practice writing and spelling their names. If you try any of these name activities with your kids or have any other ideas, leave us a comment. We would love to hear about your experiences!

-Heather & Angie

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