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Mouse Paint Madness

We have been in the midst of learning about all things construction, so this week we are throwing in a little HGTV aspect! You can’t learn about construction without talking about paint! Since most of our students range in age from 3-5, we are focused on learning about colors and the book Mouse Paint is a great way to not only teach color, but to also show how you can create new colors by mixing primary colors.

Mouse Paint Video

We use Frog Street Pre-K and Mouse Paint was one of their suggested readings for the I Build, I Create unit of study. We love this book and thought that we had the book in our personal library, but sadly we were wrong. So we turned to our friend YouTube and it did not disappoint. We found this semi-animated reading of Mouse Paint and the kids were entranced.

Mouse Paint

Mouse Paint Coloring

We found an adorable Mouse Paint coloring page that allows the kids to create new colors on Teachers Pay Teachers. This great FREE activity page came from Katie Mense’s TpT store. For some of our students who needed a little more guidance than others, we used a marker to either trace the mouse in the appropriate color or just add a dot on the mouse to show what color to color the mouse. The link to the TpT and the activity sheet is in the graphic. While you are there, be sure to visit our TpT store as well ;)!

Mixing Colors-Mouse Paint-Rainbow Unit Activity

Mouse Paint Sensory Bin

If you have been reading our blog long, you know that we always try to incorporate our theme or topic of discussion into a sensory bin. Many times we look to Pinterest to get inspiration, but not this time. We decided to make a Mouse Paint sensory bin using the materials that we had used when we did our color of the week bins. In the story the mice make different colors using the colors blue, red, and yellow we used our Crayola blue play sand (that we have had forever) and various blue, red, and yellow items. We added bowls and cups, sand shovels and rakes, and star blocks to the blue sand base. The colors looked very inviting and the kids have had a fun time with this sensory bin!

 Mp sensory

Mouse Paint Mixing

Surviving pre-k/PPCD, special needs, pre-k , Mouse PaintSince we LOVE anything that has a sensory component, we decided to make color mixing feely bags! The kids love these and they are super easy to make. Here is what you need to make Mouse Paint color mixing feely bags:

  • zip top sandwich bags
  • primary color paint (tempera, acrylic, finger paint)
  • tape

We asked the kiddos what color they wanted to create. Their choices were orange, green, or purple. They then were allowed to put the colors required to make their requested color into a zip top plastic bag. We used a paint brush to deposit the colors into the bags. Then the bags were zipped shut and taped to the table, with as little tape as possible, so that the bags wouldn’t move while the kids mixed their paint. Once the new color was created, we removed the tape from the sides and used more tape to tape shut the zip tops so that the bags would not open once the kids took the bags home. Easy Cheesy!

The kids enjoyed all of the Mouse Paint activities and so did we! As always, please leave us a comment if you have any questions or if you have a tip on anything we discussed in this post. We always love to hear from you!

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