Mother's Day Craft For Kids

Mother’s Day Mania

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and just like most teachers out there we are hard at work making specials gifts for the moms in our room. Take a peek at the sweet gifts we’re crafting for our moms.

Mother’s Day Craft

This Mother’s Day we wanted our students to share with their moms and special ladies how much they appreciate and love them with a special craft. Our kiddos made a super cute fireflies in a jar craft. Here is how we made it.

To begin, we printed out mason jar clip art on cardstock which we purchased in a clip art set from Glitter Meets Glue Designs on Teachers Pay Teachers. To make this activity fit within our time constraints we went ahead and pre-cut all of the mason jars so they would be ready for the kids.

The kids then chose their mom’s favorite color and colored the lid of the mason jar. I outlined the area the kids were to color with marker just to help define for them what they needed to color. Once they were finished coloring we added the phrase “you light up my life” to the bottom of the jar.

Mother's Day Craft For Kids

Next, the fireflies light was added. To create this the child dipped their finger in yellow paint and placed it inside the mason jar. We chose to do only four fireflies in each jar, but you could do as many or as few as you choose.

Mother's Day Craft For Kids

The child then chose some ribbon to go around the top of the jar. We used tacky glue to ensure the ribbon would hold.

Mother's Day Craft For Kids

The last step was to add the fireflies. Once the paint was dry I used a sharpie to draw little fireflies inside each burst of light.

Mother's Day Craft For Kids

The final products are absolutely adorable! Not only do these make a great gift for Mother’s Day, but they also integrate perfectly with our current study of insects.

We are certain the special women in our students’ lives will love these. Our kiddos were so excited to make these and can’t wait to give them to their moms and special ladies!

All About My Mom

Another special Mother’s Day gift we always love to make are the All About My Mom papers.

All About My Mom Mother's Day Activity

It is so fun to ask each child questions about their moms and hear their cute answers! You can find this page FREE in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. This is a great gift moms will love that is quick and easy to create.


We would like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Make sure to come back on Friday for our latest Five For Friday!

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