I Build! I Create!

Welcome to our early childhood blog! Angie and I are early childhood educators who work together in a co-teach PPCD/Pre-K class. We have created this blog in an effort to share our ideas and experiences from the front lines. Our goal is not only to offer a glimpse into our world, but also to inspire and encourage early childhood educators to take a risk, try something new, and be creative!

Our district uses the Frog Street Pre-K curriculum and today began our first day of the I Build! I Create! theme. We looked on Pinterest at ideas to incorporate this theme into our sensory table and found a great sensory bin.

Here is the pin we found on Pinterest from dirtandboogers.com:


Invitation to Play: Construction Site

Here is our version:


Angie went to the 99 cent and found 2 plastic heavy duty front loaders. Then we used 3 lbs. of white beans, 5 lbs. of cornmeal, and about half a plastic bag full of woodchips from the school playground to complete the bin. The kids were intrigued the moment they saw it and absolutely loved playing in the sensory table and exploring the different textures. This pin was definitely a winner and something we will do again!

Angie & Heather

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