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Last week we shared a post with y’all about activities for a unit on families. This week we wanted to share with you how we finished up our unit on families and some activities about family homes as well.

Family Photo Wall

Family Photo Wall

In last week’s post we shared about the students bringing in pictures of their families to share. This week we took all those pictures and added them to our home center to create a family photo wall. Using some free frames we found in The 3AM Teacher’s store on Teachers Pay Teachers we matted each child’s picture. Then the pictures were placed on the wall in our home center. Our goal was to create a family photo wall similar to what people actually have in their homes. The kids already love having their pictures hanging up!

Family Houses

During our discussion of families and homes, each child got to create their own family home. This activity is so simple and the kids love it. All you need to do this is some white copy paper (which we grabbed from the teacher workroom), construction paper, scissors, glue, a highlighter, and markers.

To begin, each piece of copy paper was cut in half. We also pre-cut triangles out of various colors of construction paper. Each child was given a half sheet of copy paper and then chose a colored triangle to be their roof and glued it on. Next, the kids drew their family inside the house.

Family Homes

When they were finished drawing their family, we labeled each person in the child’s family based on their dictation. The final step was to use a highlighter to write their name and the word family at the top. The child then traced over the teacher’s writing.

Family Homes

The final product turned out super cute! The kids were all very proud of their family home and couldn’t wait to take it to their actual home to share with their family.


Magnet Sensory

Magnet Sensory

One of our sensory tables this week was dedicated completely to magnet exploration. The base of the sensory table was rice and we added lots of magnets and magnetic items to the rice. The kids then used the magnet wands to find magnetic things hidden in the rice. This table was a big hit! We will definitely use this again this year.

Green Sensory

Green Sensory Bin

The color of the week last week was green, so our second sensory table was made up of all things green. The base was green “grass” which we made by shredding green butcher paper. Green craft pom-poms, frog manipulatives, shovels, scoops, and bowls put the finishing touches on this sensory bin. I love having these color sensory bins. They really help reinforce what is being taught in whole group time. The kids not only seem to really enjoy the different color sensory bins, but they are also making great connections by exploring these.


That brings us to the conclusion of our family unit. We hope you have been inspired to try something new in your classroom. Check back in a few days for our five for Friday and come back again next week to see our post on friends and pets!

Heather & Angie

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