Halloween Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

Halloween Fun

Halloween is quickly approaching and if your class is anything like ours, they are very excited! This week we broke out the Halloween activities and the kids are already having so much fun with them. Check out these activities for some spooky good learning!

Halloween Play-Doh

We made some super easy Halloween play-doh that was a big hit! All you need is a few different colors of play-doh. We used orange, black, and yellow since those are most commonly associated with Halloween. We then simply added some glitter to each color and voila, Halloween play-doh was made!

Halloween Play-DohHalloween Play-Doh


Seriously this was the easiest stuff to make and the kids have so much fun playing with it!

Halloween Footprints

Each year we try to find a cute art activity for the kids to create and take home as a special gift for their parents. One of our favorites that we’ve seen over the years are Halloween footprints. Originally this idea was from a blog called Mom’s Town. We took what we saw on that site and modified it to fit our classroom.

Halloween Footprints

The kids all thought it was so fun to have their teachers paint their feet. It was a humbling experience for us to take the children’s feet, clean them, and then paint them. The end result was a cute keepsake!

Halloween Fine Motor

We are always looking for ways the increase our students’ fine motor skills. To incorporate fine motor practice in with our Halloween activities we found a candy corn art activity. Kids have the opportunity to tear paper and glue it to create a candy corn picture.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn Art Activity For Preschool

We outlined the yellow section and the orange section with markers to give the kids a guide as to where each color goes. The students had a good time creating their own candy corn and got in some good fine motor practice as well.

Candy Corn Art Activity For Preschool

Halloween Sensory

By now I’m sure you know we love to change up our sensory table often. This week brought about two brand new Halloween themed sensory tables.

Spider Web Sensory

Halloween Spider Web Sensory Bin

The first of our Halloween sensory bins was a spider web sensory. We used fake spider webs and plastic spider rings to create this sensory bin. To add in the fine motor element we added tweezers to allow the kids to help find spiders. So far the kids have really enjoyed searching for spiders!

Pumpkin Patch Sensory

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

The second Halloween sensory bin is a pumpkin patch. To create this sensory bin we used black beans, orange craft pom-poms, small jack-o-lantern pails and tweezers. The kids get to pick their pumpkin using the tweezers and put them into the pails. This idea originally came from I Heart Crafty Things blog. After seeing this example we modified it to fit our classroom and what we had on hand. This sensory bin has also been a big hit with our kiddos. We definitely recommend trying this in your classroom!

Halloween Activities

Our Teachers Pay Teachers store has several great Halloween activities in it. We offer everything from counting games to beginning sound match to pattern practice and more. Check out our Halloween resources today before Halloween is gone!


Hopefully you have found some Halloween inspiration in these activities. We will be back on Friday to share our five for Friday and next week with some final Halloween ideas. Make sure you subscribe to our blog so as not to miss out on any of the fun!

Heather & Angie

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