Garden Activities For Kids

Garden Extravaganza

Garden Activities For Kids

We’re having a garden extravaganza this week in our class learning about all things garden. This time of year is perfect to discuss changes in nature and planting a garden. If your kiddos are anything like ours then they are ready and willing to get their hands in the dirt and play! Check out how we’ve brought the world of gardening into our classroom.

Garden Sensory

Garden Sensory Bin For Kids

This week the kids got to explore a garden in the sensory table. We created our own little sensory garden with dirt, beans, plastic planters, fake flowers, and plastic gardening tools. All of these items came from our classroom or Dollar Tree.

The kids are really enjoying planting their own garden! We have seen some great interaction between the kids and use of garden vocabulary during the kids’ time at the sensory table.

This sensory bin is one we have used in the past and knew we had to do again because of how easy it is to put together and how much the students all enjoy it. We highly recommend trying this sensory bin out with your own kiddos!

Garden Art

This week the kids got to do two different art activities. We don’t typically do two art activities in the same week but we really liked both of these and decided to give it a go.

Bubble Wrap Flower Art

For the first activity the kids got to paint a flower using bubble wrap! The original idea came from a blog called ABC Creative Learning. As with any project we do, we took this idea and tweaked it fit our classroom and the needs and ability levels of our unique learners.

For this activity you will need:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Manila Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tempera Paint (various colors)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Green Marker
  • Dot Stampers
  • Placemats

To begin, we cut manila paper into petal shapes making sure to cut enough for each child to have 5. Angie just free handed this shape and they turned out nicely. We also cut the bubble wrap into squares large enough for the petals to lay inside.

After the prep work was done it was time to begin!

First, the child chose a color of paint and painted a piece of bubble wrap. We had 4 different colors available and the kids had the autonomy to choose as many or as few colors as they desired.

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

After the child lightly coated the bubble wrap with paint they took a manila petal and pressed it onto the paint.

They then pulled the petal off the bubble wrap and placed it onto the manila paper. At this point in the activity we tested several different ways to adhere the petals to the paper. The best way we found was to put glue on the manila paper and then put the petal onto the glue. Other ways we tried to add glue were to have the child put the glue on before placing the petal onto the paint as well as trying to add the glue while the petal was on the paint but neither of those worked very well.

The kids continued this process until they had finished painting all 5 petals.

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

After painting all 5 petals the next step was to add the center of the flower with a dot stamper.

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

The final step was to add a stem. We had the kids simply draw a stem using a green marker.

Bubble Wrap Flower Art For Kids

This was a fun project for the kids and we loved the final result because of the textured look of the flowers!

Spring Necklaces

The second art activity this week was making spring necklaces. The kids had the opportunity to string their own necklaces which is great for them to hone their fine motor skills.

To make these necklaces we loaded up on paper straws from the Target Dollar Spot and Hobby Lobby.

Spring Necklace Craft For Kids

I cut the straws ahead of time into approximately 1 inch pieces. The kids then got to choose what colors they wanted and were able to string them independently.

Spring Necklace Craft For Kids



That wraps up our garden activities for the week. We hope you have enjoyed reading about these and feel inspired to try something new in your classroom! Make sure to come back on Friday to see a rundown of our week.

Heather & Angie

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