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Happy Friday! We’re back linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our Five For Friday. This week we have had summer on the brain and focused on some fun summer activities. Keep reading to see our summer activities and summer countdown.

five for friday, education, teacher blogs, preschool, special needsIce Cream Sensory Bin For Kids

Ice cream was the inspiration for this week’s summer themed sensory bin. Ice cream is the ultimate summer treat, so we knew the kids would love playing ice cream shop. The kids had a blast serving ice cream to their friends!

To make this ice cream sensory dough we simply repurposed the snow sensory dough we used a few months ago. The snow is 3 cups of baking soda to 1/2 cup of conditioner. A tip when choosing conditioner – it is best to use white conditioner and unscented if you can find it.

Since we wanted to make ice cream instead of snow, we added some food coloring to give it a pink tint and then put some sprinkles in as well.

Ice Cream Sensory Bin For Kids

We love how the ice cream sensory turned out and how easy it was to take something we already made and turn it into a completely new experience for our students! We highly recommend this sensory bin as a cool summer sensory exploration.

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needs

We made our own paint popsicles this week and they were a HUGE hit! You may remember last year we made paint popsicles with finger paints. The finger paints were fun but this year we tried a totally new approach that we both agree is the much better option.

Summer Paint Popsicles For Kids

We made these super cool paint popsicles with only two ingredients, water and washable markers!

To begin, we took an ice cube tray and filled it with water. Then we took some old washable Crayola markers and placed them into the water.

Summer Paint Popsicles For Kids

We left the markers in the ice cube tray for about 20 minutes to allow them plenty of time to bleed out, though it really didn’t take much time at all. Next, the trays went into the freezer. When the trays were first put into the freezer I attempted to put popsicle sticks into each paint which worked until I closed the freezer door and a good chunk of them fell out.

We made the paints on Friday and left them in the freezer over the weekend to ensure they were nice and frozen, but I think leaving them overnight would be plenty long for the paint to fully freeze.

To have enough paints for all of our kiddos we made two trays worth. One tray we used old Crayola markers and to make the others we used a brand new package of off-brand markers. The Crayola by far looked and worked the best. The colors of the off-brand were not nearly as bright and vibrant and when the kids painted with them it really just looked like water on their paper and not paint. The Crayola batch however was fabulous!

Summer Paint Popsicles For Kids

Summer Paint Popsicles For Kids

In the end, it really didn’t matter to the kids if the paint popsicle had a stick in it or not. The kids were able to paint with both and really enjoyed doing so. In the future the only thing we will do differently is using only Crayola markers as they provided the best color and vibrancy.

Number 3

Today is Fine Arts Day at our school! Our wonderful PTA has some great activities planned for each grade level. Our students are going to get to make some fun crafts, learn to hula dance, and even see a performance from a local band called Vocal Trash who uses trash cans as instruments! We can’t wait to partake in the fun with our kiddos!

Number 4Summer Teacher Meme

This is exactly how we feel right now. Come on summer, we can’t wait for your arrival!

Number 52 Week Summer Countdown

Today marks the two week countdown till summer 2016! Truly we have less than two weeks because the last week of school is only two half days for students and one teacher workday. This week what we are most looking forward to about summer is everything! We have definitely hit a wall this week and everything about summer sounds perfect right now. We just flat out cannot wait until summer!


That concludes our Five For Friday for the week. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our (almost) summer fun! Make sure to come back next week as we share more happenings from our classroom!

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