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Happy Friday! We are excited to be back linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our five for Friday from the week. This week has been full of all types of Christmas fun. We hope you enjoy taking a peek at our Christmas activities!


five for friday, education, teacher blogs, preschool, special needsChristmas Punch Out Board

This year we added a brand new element to our classroom Christmas activities – a punch out board! This board serves as the countdown to our class party. Each day the kids get to punch out another number on the board. Inside they discover the special holiday theme for the day. The kids are absolutely loving the punch out board! They are anxious every day to punch out another number and find out our special activity for the day.

We made the punch out board ourselves using only a foam board, plastic cups, craft glue, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and rubberbands. To begin we wrapped the foam board in wrapping paper. Next we placed the cups on the board where we wanted them and glued them down with craft glue. Finally a small paper with the daily theme was placed in each cup, tissue paper laid on top, and a rubberband went around each piece of tissue paper to hold it in place.

If you are looking for a fun way to countdown to Christmas or any special event in your classroom we highly recommend making your own punch out board!

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needs

One of our favorite centers is a play dough invitation to play. We set out play dough and different supplies the kids could use to make their own creation. One of the choices for their invitation to play was to create gingerbread men.

Gingerbread Play Dough

We love seeing each child’s creativity come to life!

Gingerbread Play Dough

Number 3Christmas Tree Play Doh

Not only did the kids have a choice to make gingerbread men, they also had the opportunity to make and decorate play dough Christmas trees. This center was set up the same way as the gingerbread invitation to play.

This is a center we will continue to recreate throughout the year to fit the different themes and holidays to come. Stay tuned to see more interpretations of this activity!

Number 4Tinsel & Garland Sensory Bin

One of our annual holiday centers is a tinsel and garland sensory bin. We have been creating and recreating this sensory bin for the past several years and it never fails to be a hit! The great thing about this sensory bin is you can add anything you want to this sensory bin to give it a literacy, math, or science focus. Letters, sight words, vocabulary words, shapes, colors, numbers, and number words are just a few of the ideas we’ve had for this sensory bin. No matter what you decide to add, we are certain your kiddos will love it!

Number 5December Teacher Meme

This basically sums up our week. Any other teachers feeling like this?

Stay strong fellow teachers, Christmas break will be here before you know it!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our week!

Heather & Angie


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