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Happy Friday! We are excited to be back linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our Five For Friday for the week. Take a peek at all the fun!


five for friday, education, teacher blogs, preschool, special needsFive For Friday Labor Day

Monday was Labor Day which meant we had the day off. Both of us very much enjoyed our 3 day weekend and the opportunity to spend more time with our families and friends. It is amazing how much more productive we are with an extra day to get things done!

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needsBlue Sensory Bin

The color of the week in our classroom this week was blue. To help reinforce our learning about blue we created an all blue sensory bin for the kiddos to explore. We used blue play sand, blue craft pom poms, a few blue manipulatives from around the classroom, blue pinchers, and blue bowls and scoops to create this sensory bin.

The kids had a great time exploring the sensory bin during center time and we find this is a great way to bring our learning into a different area of the classroom. Check back next week to find out the new color of the week!

Number 3Color Sorting For Pre-K

One of our table activities from the week was color sorting. We made our own DIY color sorting mats a few years ago and are still using them! These color sorting mats are so easy to create and make a great visual for the students.

To make these we cut circles out of different colors of construction paper, glued them onto a piece of manila paper and then laminated them. This is a simple way to create a self-guided activity for your students.

Number 4Feelings Art Activity For Preschool

Our theme for the week was emotions and as an art project our students had the opportunity to create their own feelings barometer. This activity required only a paper plate, crayons, markers, arrows, and brads. Each child got to color the different areas of the plate and then choose which color would represent which emotion. The final step was to add the arrow using a brad. When finished the kids were able to spin the arrow to show how they were feeling that day.

Number 5Friday Teacher Meme

We love Fridays and we love jeans! We hope you are enjoying your Friday jeans day just as much as we are!


That wraps up our Five For Friday for the week. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week and look forward to sharing more with you next week!

Heather & Angie

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