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Hello again! Another Friday brings another chance to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share our five for Friday. This past week has seemed like a very long week. The weeks leading up to Christmas break do tend to always feel longer than other weeks during the school year. Despite the extra long feeling, we had a lot of Christmas fun! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

five for friday, education, teacher blogs, preschool, special needsChristmas Elf On The Shelf Collage

Ladybug/Nacho has been having lots of fun in our classroom this week. He has done everything from making friends with the gingerbread man to building with legos to eating some pizza. The very first thing the kids do every morning is find out where Ladybug/Nacho is and see what he’s been up to. We have to admit, the classroom elf is as much fun for us as it is for the kids. This is a great Christmas tradition and it really helps with behavior too!

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needs

Angie Donors Choose

The most exciting thing that has happened over the past week is Angie’s Donors Choose project getting funded! Angie’s project was very various sensory materials for the classroom. By now I’m sure you know we love sensory exploration. We change up our sensory tables frequently in an attempt to meet the sensory needs of all our learners. The sensory items she will be receiving will definitely make an impact for those students who desire sensory input.

We are so grateful to those donors who have made a difference in our classroom. Google donated half the funds as part of an initiative to help special needs teachers achieve goals for their students. Angie’s project also received a large donation from an anonymous donor. We have no idea who this person is, but if you happen to be reading this post we want to say thank you for your generosity!

Number 3Christmas Snowman Activity Collage

As part of our classroom holiday activities we have had a different theme each day. One of the themes this week was Frosty the Snowman. This was probably one of my favorite days so far. We had several different fun snowman activities and even got to watch Frosty!

Angie made the cutest snowman cheese sticks for each of the kids. Of course our morning class had already gone home before we remembered we had them. So our morning class got them the next day but our afternoon class was able to enjoy their snowmen cheese sticks on Frosty day.

Our other snowmen activities included snowman bowling and making foam snowmen. Check back next week for all the details on how to make these with your kids.

Number 4Christmas Crafts For Preschool

Not only did we have a Frosty the Snowman day this week, we also had Rudolph day, Charlie Brown day, and Santa day. The kids had a blast with each of these special theme days. Each day we made a different craft unique to the theme of the day. Every craft the kids made turned out super cute! These crafts, along with the snowmen, and a few more we have yet to make are going in to a Christmas bag which the children will take home before the break.

We will be sharing all about these fun activities next week on our blog. We hope you come back and check it out!

Number 5Christmas Gift


We received an early Christmas present from a parent this week. She found this cute sign at Hobby Lobby and got it for us. This sign will be perfect to use in the future on the first day of school. We can only imagine how cute the students to come will look holding this sign in their picture perfect first day of school outfits!


And so ends our five for Friday for the week. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Christmas fun from the week. We look forward to sharing more Christmas activities with you before the season is over!

Heather & Angie

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