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Hello again and happy Friday! With Friday comes the opportunity to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share our five for Friday from this week. Check out what we’ve been up to!

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Angie started a Donors Choose project this week to get some new sensory materials for the classroom. Please check out her project and consider donating. We appreciate any and all support you are able to lend to the sweet students we spend our days with!

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needs

Every year around Thanksgiving we do a family turkey project. The families of our students are asked to help their child create a unique turkey. The kids then bring the turkeys back to school to share with their friends and display.

We have received some fantastic turkeys this year! Here is just a peek at the greatness.

Thanksgiving Turkey Project For Kids

Thanksgiving Turkey Project For Kids

Thanksgiving Turkey Project For Kids

Seeing the different turkeys is so much fun. It is interesting to see the students’ personalities come out in their creativity. For more info on this family project and other fun Thanksgiving activities, check out our post from earlier this week called Thanksgiving Thoughts.

Number 3Veterans Day

Veterans Day was this week and we would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all those who have served our country. All those who have served and are serving our country deserve much more than one single day to recognize their efforts. We salute all those who have devoted their service to our country.

Number 4Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday our school had their Thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria. The Thanksgiving dinner is always our very favorite meal! Every year we look forward to the day we get to have Thanksgiving dinner for lunch at school. It is a special treat!

Number 5Super Simple Songs Clean Up

Our friends at Super Simple Learning have another brand new song out this week and it is a clean up song! This song is a great transition song aiding your students in the clean up process. Our kiddos already love this song and look forward to hearing it during clean up time. You can listen to this song with your kiddos on YouTube.


That concludes our five for Friday for this week. We are looking forward to a few more days of Thanksgiving fun at school and then a week away to relax and spend time with our families. Make sure to check back next week to see our final Thanksgiving activities before we go on break.

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