Five For Friday

Five For Friday 2

It’s our favorite day of the week and we are eager to share our top five for Friday! This week was wild and crazy. Monday was a holiday so there was no school. Then we had our end of the year awards ceremony and our end of the year party this week. After all is said and done we are just glad we survived the week.

Number 1

pool noodle special needs preschool sensory sailboat water

With the end of the year rapidly approaching and our entire classroom being packed up for the great move of 2015, we switched up our sensory table a bit. Instead of using our table we created a few smaller sensory bins with water and the cutest pool noodle sailboats. The kids absolutely loved playing with the sailboats! All of the details are in our blog post from Wednesday called All Things Cool.


Number 2

Movie Collage

The feature film of the day is the second highlight in our five for Friday this week. Due to the combination of rainy days and the classroom being packed up we have had an all week movie-thon in our class. Toy Story 3, The Incredibles, and Mary Poppins are just a few of the fun movies the kids have enjoyed.


Number 3


The sun is shining! If you live in Texas you have surely been experiencing the severe storms and torrential downpours we have had lately. The sun has become somewhat of a legend around here. We have all heard about it, we’ve seen it before, but only a few have been able to bask in its glory over the past few weeks. We are soaking up every minute of sweet sunshine we get!


Number 4

Bounce House

It’s party time! Our end of the year party was this week and that is always a fun party. We had a bounce house for the kids and they absolutely loved it. There is no better way to simultaneously entertain and exhaust a group of pre-k kids than to let them loose in a bounce house. Each year we do this we get nothing but ear-to-ear smiles and a plethora of “I love you” and “this is the best day ever!”


Number 5

Super Simple Songs Twitter

We were beyond excited to find out this week that our friends over at Super Simple Songs will be at the Frog Street Splash conference this summer! We cannot wait to meet up at Splash! Our students absolutely love Super Simple Songs and we use them in our classroom daily. If you aren’t familiar with Super Simple Songs and their resources make sure you check out their website and YouTube channel. They are fantastic!


That sums up our five for Friday. We hope you have enjoyed the highlights of our week!

3 days and counting!


-Heather & Angie


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