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Wow! The first couple of weeks of a new school year are like a whirlwind! You have so many things that are flying around in your head. Things to that you want to do, things that you need to do and things that must be done no matter what! That is where we have been these past three weeks, with our minds a flutter. There have been several times that one of us will say “Why haven’t we done (insert something that we always have done in the past, but somehow it has ceased to exist in our brains)?”

Due to the craziness that is the beginning of the school year, we have not done a regular blog post in several weeks. We had tried to make sure that we at least did a Five for Friday post with Doodle Bugs Teaching, but last week we didn’t even do that. So we are making an effort to get back in the swing of things and post regularly!

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We don’t know about you, but we were happy to have Labor Day off this week. While we were off in recognition of the contribution of American workers, I used that day as a day of rest. Heather on the other hand, ran a 5K! No matter how you spent your Labor Day, we hope you took some time to rejuvenate yourselves!

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needs

We decided to add a fun component to our study of colors this year. At the beginning of the year, we learn about one color a week. During that week we try to add the color to many different areas of the classroom, such as having that color play dough in the art center and using that color in many other different ways. This year we decided that we would ask the kids to wear something that contained the specific color on the Thursday of the week we were studying that color. This week is blue and it was such fun seeing what the kids wore to show the color. One of our students told their Mom that they couldn’t wear their Lightning McQueen shoes because they didn’t have blue on them! Of course we joined in and wore blue too!

Number 3We have 37 weeks in the 2015-2016 school year. We have completed two of them as of Friday, September 4th. We decided on week one that we needed some way to mark the occasion of completing a week and we liked the simplicity of tally marks. It is with great pleasure that we erase a single mark on Friday afternoons! What do you think, is it too early in the school year to be counting down the weeks? We feel sure that there are at least a few of our fellow teachers that don’t think it is too early!

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Number 4Do you have as Smart Board in your classroom? If you do, you know how great these pieces of technology can be. That is if they are hooked up properly and you have a projector in the right spot for them. When Heather and I came back to unpack our classroom at the beginning of August, we sent in a service ticket to get our Smart Board installed in the new classroom. It took until Tuesday of this week before it was finally installed! The funny part was that not ten minutes before the IT guy showed up at our classroom door, we had made a bet as to when we thought they would come and install the Smart Board. Heather went with September 22. I won’t be at school on September 28th, so I figured that they would come while I was out. When we heard a knock on the door seven minutes later we were thrilled and shocked! We now think that we should make a bet as to when one of us will win the lottery!


Number 5


Speaking of technology, we still have two student computers that are not working. We are patiently waiting for these babies to be operational so that our kiddos can have another technology source to utilize. We found that the students we had last year were the first bunch that we have had that didn’t know how to work a traditional computer. They didn’t know how to work a mouse at all. These kiddos are all about the touch screen! We feel these little ones need to know how to use a basic computer! Hopefully we will get someone out here to get these computers working soon, but for now they are just sitting waiting to be used!

Thanks for stopping by our site. We hope you all have had a great week and will have a super weekend!

Angie & Heather

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