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Well it is Friday again and we are linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share our five for Friday. Today is our first official day back to school. Even though today is technically our first contract day back at work, we have both been working hard all week getting our room ready. Keep on reading to see what we’ve done in our new space!


five for friday, education, teacher blogs, preschool, special needs Back To School Classroom Collage

This year Angie and I are going to be co-teaching all day and sharing one classroom. We are very excited for this opportunity! However, being in one room means we had to combine two classrooms worth of stuff into one. When we walked into our room for the first time this week we were overwhelmed by the amount of furniture and boxes. We had roughly 200 boxes between the two of us. Slowly but surely we are getting it all put away.


teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needsBack To School Classroom Set Up

Tuesday we finally had enough boxes unpacked to start to arrange some of the furniture. The home center was our first center to put together. Since we have two home center setups, we decided to make two little neighboring apartments. The kids are going to have so much fun playing with their friends in this center!


Number 3Back To School Classroom Setup

By Wednesday afternoon we finally had nearly all the boxes unpacked and could finally start putting the room together. Once we unrolled our rug (which I carried across the room at least three times during the unpacking process – I surprised myself with my own strength on that one!) it really made the room look more like a classroom. Unrolling the rug was a big moment for us!


Number 4Back To School Pedicures

After three long days at school I treated myself to a pedicure with some friends from church. It was a nice escape from the craziness of back to school and a chance to relax!


Number 5Back To School August Calendar

Today is our first official day back to school. It is bittersweet to see summer come to an end. Angie and I both had lots of fun this summer spending time with our friends and families and working together on our blog, various products for our Teachers Pay Teachers store, and presenting at a few different conferences. As sad as we are to see summer go, we are equally excited to begin a brand new school year.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our week. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to find out about more of our back to school activities, see our finished classroom, and find out what we are teaching on the first day of school. We will be sharing all of these things and more over the next few weeks and you don’t want to miss any of it!

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  • Lorena

    You guys did awesome with all those boxes between the two of you. It’s always so overwhelming at the beginning of the year! You definitely deserved that pedi đŸ™‚