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Time is flying by in Pre-K. We are already on our fourth week of school! If you saw our five for Friday last week, then you saw our secret countdown to summer 2016. After all, the only thing teachers love as much as teaching is our summers.

Last week we learned all about our feelings. The kids had a good time talking through the different feelings they experience and learning how to self-regulate.

Tickled Pink & Feeling Blue

Our art activity for the week was called tickled pink and feeling blue. Each child received two small paper plates. The kids painted the backside of one of the plates pink, and the other blue. Once dry, they then drew a happy face on the pink and a sad face on the blue. During the process we discussed with each child what it means to be tickled pink or feeling blue. The last step is to staple the two plates together so that tickled pink is showing on one side and feeling blue on the other.

Feelings - Tickled Pink

Feelings - Feeling Blue

This was our first experience with paint which can be a little scary, especially this early in the year. However, our kids all did really well with the paint and enjoyed it.

When mixing the paint, we found we needed to add a little bit of white to our blue and pink to get the shades we were going for.

All in all this project was a lot of fun and a great learning opportunity for our students.

Feelings Journals

We love to use journals in our classroom! Every Friday we have the kids draw something in their journal to show what they have learned during the week. On this particular Friday we asked students to draw themselves and show us how they are feeling. All of the kids did a great job showing their emotions through their journal. The best part is that each are unique!

Feelings Journal       Feelings Journal Feelings Journal      Feelings Journal

 Conscious Discipline Feelings

We love Conscious Discipline, it has worked wonders in our classroom. During the theme of feelings our Conscious Discipline techniques tie in perfectly. This opportunity to reinforce the breathing strategies helps students to make a direct connection between their emotions and their ability to self-regulate and calm down. We also use this time to remind students about our classroom safe place and how the safe place can help them calm down as well. Here are a few pictures of Conscious Discipline in our classroom.

Conscious Discipline Calming Mat

We keep this calming mat right next to our circle time spot. We frequently refer to the mat for students who are antsy, upset, anxious, etc.

Safe Place

This is our safe place, a special calm down spot for students to go when they need a private spot to reflect on their emotions.

If you would like more information about Conscious Discipline, check out their website!

Feelings Literature

Here are some of our favorite books on feelings that we read to our students.

I Was So MadI Was So Mad by: Mercer Mayer

 Lots Of FeelingsLots Of Feelings by: Shelley Rotner

When Sophie Gets AngryWhen Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry… by: Molly Bang


We hope you have enjoyed reading our ideas for teaching feelings. If you use any of these things in your classroom or have any more ideas, let us know! We love hearing from y’all!

Heather & Angie

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