Easy Father's Day Gifts For Preschool

Father’s Day Fun

We are officially on summer break now and enjoying every second of it! This week I have been busy with VBS at my church. This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year and such a rewarding experience being able to share the love of Jesus with precious children. You will want to make sure you subscribe to the blog to see all the details of my VBS class next week. Despite all the VBS fun that hasn’t stopped preparations for Father’s Day, which is just around the corner. Father’s Day always falls after most are out of school for the summer, but these fun and simple activities can be done at home, church, or daycare!

Father’s Day Activities

This year I was in charge of writing the Father’s Day Sunday school curriculum at my church. We only have the children for an hour on a typical Sunday. In order to have time for a lesson I needed to find an activity that could be done in a short time frame. The first Father’s Day activity the children will be doing is making a sweet handprint sign for their dads. The original version of this was found on La-La’s Home Daycare blog.

Father's Day Activity for Preschool

To create this cute sign all you need is a piece of white cardstock or manila paper, tempera paint, and a black permanent marker. For the paint color I had the kids pick out the color they thought their dad would like the best. The kids simply dipped their hands in the paint and then with the assistance of an adult, placed their hands in the center of the paper. I then turned the paper upside down so that the child’s handprints are facing down and then with a permanent marker added the words “Best Dad Hands Down!”.

Easy Father's Day Gifts For Preschool

This activity was very simple to create and the results are super cute. Any dad would be thrilled to receive this as a Father’s Day gift!


Another fun Father’s Day activity is to have your child create an All About My Dad information sheet. We posted about a similar activity on our Mother’s Day blog post about a month or so ago. This activity is fun and always turns out very cute when the children are allowed to give their own answers about their daddy. Check out the free printable below and let us know the results. We would love to hear your child’s answers about their dad as well as dad’s reaction!

All About My Dad

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If you are going to do these activities at church and are looking for scripture to go along with your Father’s Day lesson, Exodus 20:12 and Malachi 4:6 are two good verses to tie in with the activities from today’s post.


We hope you have been inspired to create some special Father’s Day gifts for the men in your child’s life!

-Heather & Angie

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