farm animals old macdonald had a farm sensory bin

Farm Sensory Fun

It’s Spring and that means it is time for our farm unit. This is one of our favorite themes of the year. There are so many engaging and creative activities dealing with farms and farm animals.

We started our farm unit with a farm sensory bin. This bin literally only took a few minutes to set up and the kids were eager to get to play!

We got the farm sensory idea from a pin on Pinterest from

Paper, corn, play dough, and water combine to create a farm sensory bin that is sure to get kids engaged!

We had most of the items needed:

  • small plastic animals
  • green and blue paper
  • small reusable plastic container
  • play dough
  • Lincoln Logs

old macdonald had a farm sensory bin

We didn’t have any brown play dough, but a quick Google search told us to mix blue, red, orange and yellow play dough together to make brown. We mixed it together and voila, brown play dough mud for our pig pen! I think our little plastic piggies like their mud!

old macdonlad had a farm sensory bin

We intended to have a chicken coup, but we didn’t have any plastic chickens, so we left it out. If we make it to the dollar store, we will add some chickens! We added some horses, cows, sheep and goats to our farm and thought, some of these animals need a corral. So, we added some Lincoln Logs to our sensory bin.

old macdonald had a farm sensory bin

To make our grass we just shredded a few sheets of green butcher paper. The blogger whose pin we got this from had a small bowl with blue water and a few little ducks. Our little friends are a rough and tumble bunch, so we decided our pond would be of the non-messy variety. So we added a blue construction paper pond to complete our farm. We didn’t hear any complaints from our little friends who visited the farm sensory bin today.

old macdonald had a farm sensory bin farm animals

We think this picture definitely shows they had fun!

farm animals old macdonald had a farm sensory binTry this super easy, farm super fun sensory bin and let us know what you think. We always want to hear when something works for you and if you find a way change it up!

-Angie and Heather

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