Preschool Farm Animal Craft

Farm Frenzy

We’ve loaded up and headed out for some fun on the farm this week in Pre-K! The farm theme is always one of the most enlightening experiences for our students. Nothing is better than listening to a room full of early learners singing along to Old MacDonald Has a Farm.

When it came time to plan for our week on the farm we naturally looked to one of our favorite sites, Pinterest, to find a fun art activity to fit our theme. The cutest little paper plate farm animals jumped out at us immediately and we were sold. Here are the original pins we found:

paper plate cow craft... Farm animals week for classroom preschoolers Handprint and Footprint Art : Farm Animal Crafts made with handprint, footprints, & thumbprints + 8 Books! Rural community - farm animals crafts


Our students were given the choice to make either a cow, rooster, or pig. Each student started with a paper plate, but then required different supplies depending on which animal they chose to create.

Here’s how we made each animal:


The cow required the most supplies of any animal. Each cow needed two black spots, two black horns, two pink ears, and one round pink nose. We pre-cut all of these pieces in an effort to save time. The first thing to be accomplished was to draw a nose and mouth onto the pink circle and then glue it onto the bottom of the plate. Next, students were each given two black spots which they glued on the plate wherever they chose. Finally, they drew two eyes on the face and then glued the horns and ears on the top of the plate.

Preschool Farm Animal Craft        Preschool Farm Animal Craft  Preschool Farm Animal Craft



The rooster was probably the simplest animal to create. We traced one of the child’s hands on red paper and cut it out. The student then glued the hand at the top of the plate so that it stuck up some as the rooster’s feathers. A yellow beak (we traced a rhombus pattern block) and red wattle were glued on the face and two eyes drawn on.

Preschool Farm Animal Craft

Preschool Farm Animal Craft

Preschool Farm Animal Craft



To begin the pig the student painted the entire plate pink. We found that the pink tempera paint we had was a little dark so we added some white to it to lighten it up a bit. After the plate was painted the student drew two nostrils onto a pink oval to create the snout and two eyes onto small pink circles. The snout, eyes, and two ears were placed onto the plate while the paint was still wet. This allowed the paper to stick as the paint dried without using any glue.

Preschool Farm Animal Craft  Preschool Farm Animal Craft

Preschool Farm Animal Craft

Our students had a lot of fun being creative on the farm! We hope you will try some of these in your classroom and let us know the results!


-Heather & Angie

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