Yellow Sensory Bin

Family Fun

Last week was a week full of family fun in our class. We started out our theme on families and had lots of fun learning about families and sharing about our own families as well.

Family Photos

We sent a note home the week before asking for family photos to be sent in. Each day during circle time the kids who brought in pictures had the opportunity to come up to the front, show their family photo to their friends and tell them about each member of their family. The photos the students brought in are being saved and will be hung up in the home center to create a family photo wall. Each child’s photo is going to be put in a “picture frame” which we found in The 3am Teacher’s store on Teachers Pay Teachers and hung on the wall in our home center. We can’t wait to get the pictures up!

Family Books

There are lots of good books out there about families. The ones that we like the best are all the Little Critter books. They are on the appropriate level for our young learners and all the kids really seem to enjoy them.

Family - Just Me & My MomJust Me And My Mom

Family - Just Me & My DadJust Me And My Dad

Family - Just Grandpa & MeJust Grandpa And Me

Family - Just Grandma & MeJust Grandma And Me

Letter Of The Week

Each week throughout the school year we focus on a different letter of the alphabet. During the week we do many different activities with our weekly letter to help reinforce the concept to the students. The letter of the week this week was C. Here are some of the activities we did with the letter C this week.

Letter C Play-Doh

In the play-doh center we used mats to create the letter C.

Letter C Sort

During small group time we sorted magnetic letters to find all the C’s.

Letter C Beginning Sound Art

During table time students drew a picture of something that starts with C. At the bottom of the paper I wrote with a highlighter what the child drew and they then traced the word.

All of the letter activities can be found in the letter C activity pack available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Yellow Sensory Bin

The color of the week for this past week yellow. We made an entire sensory table of all things yellow, which was a big hit with all the kids. The base of the table was yellow yarn, yellow ribbon, and yellow streamers cut into strips. We then added all different types of yellow manipulatives we had around the room. The kids really enjoyed playing in this sensory table!

That wraps up our family fun from the past week. We are continuing to talk about families this week, so stay tuned for more family fun to come!

Heather & Angie

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