Easter Hoppenings Part 1: It’s A Great Hare Day!

   We are hopping toward Easter in our class!

Since Easter is this Sunday, we are doing all things bunny in our classroom. Today we started making bunny ears. These will be what the kiddos wear on Friday when they hunt their eggs. The kids love these! We love these!

The bunny ears are super easy to make. You will need:

  • white card stock or white stiff construction paper
  • pink construction paper
  • sentence strips
  • stapler
  • glue stick
  • stickers


To make things easier, we pre-cut the outer white part and the inner pink part of the ears. One thing to remember when cutting the ears, make sure that you have a right ear and a left ear! They just look better that way.

Give each kiddo a set of white and a set of pink ears. Have them glue the pink to the center of the white on each ear. Once they do this we staple each ear to the sentence strip in the front. We have tried letting the kids glue the ears onto the sentence strip, but the glue doesn’t keep the ears upright and we have lost an ear or two. It makes for a sad bunny when an ear is lost 🙁


After the ears are securely on the sentence strip,   the kids decorate the strip with their stickers. Super simple, super cute!

IMG_5173    Be on the lookout, we will be posting another fun Easter activity in a day or two!

-Angie & Heather

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