Grinch Handprint Christmas Craft For Kids

Crazy For Christmas: Part 2

Hello again! We are back to share more Christmas fun from our classroom. In our recent post, Crazy For Christmas: Part 1, we shared some fun Christmas activities that we have done with our students. Since then, we have had even more fun and are ready to share it all with you!

Reindeer Ornaments

One of our favorite crafts we have done is making reindeer ornaments. The idea for these cute ornaments came from a blog called For What It’s Worth…or Not.

To begin, you will need old puzzle pieces, brown tempera paint, tacky glue, small googly eyes, small pom-poms and ribbon.

The first step is to take the old puzzle pieces and paint the backs with brown paint. For each ornament you will need 4 puzzle pieces.

Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

One of the 4 pieces will be used as the base, and the other 3 arranged with 2 being the antlers and 1 as the reindeer head.

Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

We glued all of the reindeer ahead of time to save some time. Once they were all glued, the next step is to have the kids glue two eyes and a nose onto the face.

Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

Lastly, the students chose the ribbon they liked from the choices we had available. We then glued the ribbon on the back.

Christmas Reindeer Ornaments

The end results are super cute! We know all the parents are going to be so excited to receive these and hang them up in their homes!

Christmas Reindeer Ornaments For Preschool

Snow Much Fun

Snowman Bowling

Snowman bowling is a fun activity we found last school year from Growing A Jeweled Rose. Snowman bowling is a great gross motor activity for kids that also incorporates the winter or Christmas themes.

This game is incredibly easy to make, all you need is some white styrofoam cups, black, brown, and orange sharpies, and large craft pom-poms.

On the styrofoam cups, draw snowman faces. Once the faces are on, the kids are ready to bowl using the pom-poms as bowling balls!

Snowman Bowling For Kids

The kids have a blast bowling with their friends! The best part of this activity is that it is not specific to Christmas and can be used all winter long!

Snowmen Snacks

During our Frosty day we had some special snowmen snacks for the kids, snowmen cheese sticks!

Christmas Snowmen Snacks

To make these we cut the hats from black construction paper, tied a ribbon around the cheese stick as the scarf, and drew the face and buttons on the package using sharpies.

The kids all enjoyed their special winter treat!

Snowmen Crafts

The last snowman activity we did was making foam snowmen. Angie and I found some great foam snowmen in the Target dollar spot. With a little bit of glitter glue, markers, ribbon, and some sequins our little crafters created some beautiful snowmen!

Snowmen Craft For Preschool

Charlie Brown Christmas Trees

A favorite holiday film of many is A Charlie Brown Christmas. After viewing this as a class, the kids had the chance to create their own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

To make these trees you will need green chenille sticks, pony beads in assorted colors, and cotton balls.

The first step is to take two chenille sticks and cut them in half. Keep one of the halves to use as the actual tree. The other halves all need to be cut in half again. These smaller pieces will be the branches. Wrap three of the smaller pieces around the larger half to create the look of branches coming out of the tree.

Next, the kids choose one yellow bead to represent the star at the top of the tree, and 6 other beads of any color to be ornaments. The children then placed the yellow bead and the top and the other beads on the branches.

The final step is to bend the bottom of the chenille stick slightly and stick it into a cotton ball to create the base of the tree.

The final products are a cute little keepsake the parents and kids alike are sure to treasure!

Grinch Handprints

Another favorite holiday film is Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. Together as a class we viewed the movie and then each child created their very own grinch handprint.

To make these grinch handprints you will need green, red, and yellow tempera paint, manila paper, and a black thin tip sharpie. We found that to get the perfect shade of grinch green we needed to mix some yellow paint in with the green. The green looked a little darker than we imagined in the bowl, but once it was on the kids’ hands it looked perfect.

After mixing the paint to find your desired shade of green, the first thing you will do is paint the palm of the child’s hand green and the fingers red. Make sure not to put any paint on the thumb.

Grinch Handprint Christmas Craft For Kids

Once the paint is on the child’s hand, place their hand onto a sheet of manila paper. After lifting the child’s hand off the paper, write their name and the year next to their handprint.

Grinch Handprint Christmas Craft For Kids

We put as many handprints as would fit on a sheet of paper since we were going to be cutting them all out in the end.

Once dry, each individual handprint was cut out. Using tacky glue, a cotton ball was glued onto the top of the red fingers and another was stretched out and glued across the top of the palm to create the look of a santa hat.

The final step is to draw the face on and add a dab of yellow paint to the eyes.

Grinch Handprint Christmas Craft For Kids

These are hands down our favorite Christmas craft we have done this year!

Christmas Bags

Our students made so many cute Christmas projects this holiday season that we knew we had to find something for them to preserve their work. Initially we thought about buying brown paper gift bags with handles and having the kids decorate them. Upon seeing the price of these at the store we quickly scrapped this idea and searched the internet to find a way to make our own bags.

In part one of our Christmas blog we shared about the present wrapping center we have had during the holiday season. We received an abundance of wrapping paper donated by parents and decided to use some of it to make our own Christmas gift bags.

Angie found a link to a YouTube video that gave a great tutorial on how to make your own gift bags. They were very easy to make and all we needed was wrapping paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

The final touch was to add each child’s name on their bag using glitter glue sticks for a hot glue gun that were also donated by a parent.

DIY Christmas Gift Bags

All of the projects the kids have done have been collected in their gift bag. Before leaving for Christmas break, each child will take their individual bag home with them filled with many wonderful Christmas crafts!


We hope you have enjoyed all our Christmas activities. If you try any of these ideas or have some of your own to share, please leave us some feedback. We love to hear from our readers!

Heather & Angie

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