Bug Activities For Kids

Crazy About Bugs

Bugs have overtaken our classroom this week!

We began a brand new theme all about bugs. Ladybugs, grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, ants…you name it, we’re studying it! Keep reading to see how the bugs have taken over our classroom.

Bug Centers

Each week we try our best to integrate our theme into as many of our centers as possible and our study of bugs is no different. Here are some different buggy centers.

Build-A-Bug Play-Doh

Our kids absolutely LOVE playing with play-doh! Throughout the week we set up a bug building center with play-doh. Various supplies were set out along with play-doh and the kids were free to use whatever they needed to create their very own bugs.

Build A Bug Play-Doh Activity

We included various colors of play-doh, pony beads, wiggly eyes, and chenille sticks, but you could include whatever fun supplies you have lying around.

Build A Bug Play-Doh Activity

Our kids did a great job building their own bugs. It is so fun to see their creativity come to life. The kids really enjoy activities like this that are self-directed and we love seeing what they come up with!

Build-A-Bug Art

Another fun center activity has been our build-a-bug art center. This center is very similar to the play-doh in that it is a self-directed activity.

Build A Bug Art Activity

We set out different shapes cut from construction paper as well as markers and glue and let the kids create their own bug.

Build A Bug Art Activity For Kids

The kids came up with some great bugs! It is so great to see them get their creative juices flowing.

Build A Bug Art Activity For Kids

Light Table Bugs

Light Table Bug Activity For Kids

The light table offers another opportunity to integrate bugs into the classroom centers. We have a fun set of bug x-rays that the kids have been exploring at the light table. You can find this set of bug x-rays for your classroom at Discount School Supply.

Bug Sensory

Each week we change out our sensory table to a new theme that matches what we are studying for the week. This week we have pulled out an oldie but goodie.

Bug Sensory Bin For Kids

Bugs in the grass is a sensory bin we have been using for many years. To create this sensory bin we used shredded green butcher paper for the grass, and then added plastic bugs, tweezers, and hand lenses. All of the supplies are things which we already had in our classroom. The kids are getting a chance to hone their fine motor skills by working with tweezers while exploring different bugs. this week and having a great time doing so!

Bugs In The Classroom

As a means to bring real world experiences into our classroom we have been watching our own bugs!

We ordered classroom caterpillars and ladybugs from Insect Lore and have been watching them grow and change. Our caterpillars have just entered their chrysalises and now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of butterflies!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our buggy explorations this week. Make sure to come back on Friday for our latest Five For Friday post!

Heather & Angie

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