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Welcome back for another five for Friday! It is time again to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share our five for Friday from the week.

five for friday, education, teacher blogs, preschool, special needsPresident's Day

We observed President’s Day on Monday. Our district had a professional development day, so we had a chance to get some planning and work done around the classroom. It is always a nice little break now and then to have those days where you can catch up on things. It is even more special when you have the opportunity to go out for lunch with your co-workers, go to the bathroom whenever you need, and sit in adult size chairs!

teacher blog, five for friday, education, preschool, special needs

Last Friday was our class valentine party. We had lots of fun celebrating Valentine’s Day together as a class! If you are like us, you received a bunch of special valentine cards from students and don’t really have anything to do with them. As a special way to save the sweet cards our kiddos chose, we took these cards and turned them into a class book!

Five For Friday Valentine Class Book Collage

We took each child’s valentine they gave us, glued it onto half a sheet of white copy paper, and then added a simple sentence with the child’s name and what type of valentine they had.

This book has been laminated to ensure its durability and placed in the library center. The kids all really enjoy looking at the valentines they brought!

Number 3

We added a few new members to our school family this week…three pet fish!

Five For Friday Fish Tank

Our new friends are Dr. Drake Ramoray, Regina Phalange, and Marcel! We’re calling them Drake, Regina, and Marcel. Any Friends fans out there get the references?!

The kids are loving the fish! Every morning the first thing the kids do when they come in the door is go check out the fish.

We were able to get the fish tank, gravel, and other accessories through a grant called Pets in the Classroom. If you are interested in including fish or another furry friend in your classroom, head over to their website for more information.

Number 4Donors Choose STEM Project

My Donors Choose project still needs your help! Our kids are in need of STEM materials to further their STEM education and prepare them for the academic road ahead. Please consider donating or sharing the link on your social media accounts to help get this project funded. Our kiddos thank you for any support you are able to offer!

Number 5

If any of you are looking for a new doctor, this guy popped up on our news feed this week…

Dr. Love

While scrolling through the daily news, we found a story about an 18-year-old posing as a doctor. The photo of the self-professed MD reminded us of an old school Glamour Shots photo. If you need a laugh, this story is sure to keep you entertained, and the photo does not disappoint either!


That wraps up our five for Friday for the week. We wish you all a relaxing weekend and look forward to sharing more with you next week!

Heather & Angie

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