bugs, scissor skills, fine motor, pre-k, ppcd, special needs, in the tall, tall grass

Bugs, Bugs And More Bugs! 1

Bugs In The Classroom

We started our Animals theme two weeks ago. We had a lot of fun learning about farm and zoo animals. This week we begin a two week study of all things bugs! As you can imagine, this is a kid favorite!

Last year we had a visit from the Orkin Bug Man! This is a free service Orkin Pest Control offers to schools. They brought all kids of bugs for the kids to see and touch. We saw Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches ( the teachers weren’t as thrilled with these as the kiddos were), scorpions, tarantulas, and many more.  Click on the Orkin icon to see about booking your classroom visit.  bugs, orkin,  preschool,  special needs, pre-k, PPCD Sensory Bugs

sensory bin, bugs, pre-k, ppcd, special needs

If you have read our blog posts before, you probably have guessed by now that we always try to incorporate our theme into our sensory bin and bugs are the perfect addition to the sensory table. All you need to turn your sensory bin into a bug lovers paradise is some green paper grass (or you could reuse your green Easter grass), an assortment of plastic bugs and Voila your students will have hours of fun. As a rule, we add kids tweezers and hand lenses so that the kids can really inspect the bugs! We use these tweezers from Lakeshore Learning. They are great for little hands. lakeshore learning easy grip tweezers, bugs,  special needs, pre-k, The hand lenses came from Lakeshore as well. pre-k, lakeshore learning, special needs, bugs

 Light Table Bugs

bugs, x-rays, light table

We gave our light table a bug touch this week by adding bug x-ray and photo cards that we bought years ago from Discount School supply. The kids liked putting the x-rays on the light table and then matching the pictures to the x-rays. They found that they had to look closely at the beetles, since they looked very similar. 

Bugs In The Grass

Our art activity comes from The MailBox. If you have never checked out their bi-monthly magazine for the grade you teach, you really should. They were the education Pinterest before the internet.

This activity encompasses fine motor, scissor skills, gluing and coloring. You will need:

  • clip art bugs
  • green construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • crayons

Before we did the activity, we read the kids Denise Fleming’s In The Tall, Tall Grass. This is the best book for introducing bugs to young learners.

bugs, pre-k, ppcd

bugs, fine motor

We made a word document with various clip art bugs found through an internet search. The kids colored their bugs to their liking. We took the green construction paper and folded it in half hamburger style, cut it in half and and then folded those halves hamburger style. We took a green Sharpie and drew lines on only one side of the fold for the kiddos to cut to make a grassy fringe. The kids then bubble cut their bugs and used a glue stick to glue their bugs on the side that they did not cut. Once finished the kids had their own Tall, Tall Grass.

bugs, scissor skills, fine motor, pre-k, ppcd, special needs, in the tall, tall grass

bugs, scissor skills, fine motor

fine motor, scissor skills, ppcd, pre-k, bugs, grass, in the tall, tall grass


We hope you find some inspiration from the activities our class did this week. If you have anything to add to what we did, please comment and let us know! Please share our blog with your friends!

-Angie & Heather


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