Bugs, journals, kid writing, art

Buggy Journals

Bugs, journals, kid writing, art

 Bug Journal Writing

In our class, Friday’s are not only fun, they are also journal day! We wanted to share some of our favorite bug journal entries from today!

Writing in the early childhood classroom is so important and we try to incorporate it in as many ways as possible. Journals work so well with our kiddos because no matter their ability, they can express themselves! Each Friday we ask our students to draw a picture in their journal relating to the theme we have been studying that week. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to show what they have learned during the past week. We have also found our students’ journals to be a useful tool for informal assessments or as a source of student work to show at parent conferences and ARD meetings.

We hope you all have a great weekend! TGIF!

– Angie & Heather



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