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The end is near my friends. We only have four full days and two half days left in the 2014-2015 school year. Where has this school year gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were having Meet The Teacher and now we are having our End of the Year Awards. We blogged about some of the award ideas here. Now, on to the COOL things going on in our class.

 Sensory The Cool Way

If you have read our blog before, you know that the group of kiddos we have this year LOVE sensory bins. They are always eager to see the new things in our sensory table. They have truly been our inspiration when we plan for our sensory table and we wanted to go out with a bang!

Too Cool Ice Cream Sensory

We found this cute sensory idea from growingupourstyle.blogspot.com on Pinterest.

Ice cream shop sensory bin: Big hit. Found everything except the scoop at Dollar Tree. Good for working on colors, numbers, etc.

When we saw this sensory idea, we thought our students would love it and we were right! Love it they certainly did!

IC sensory 1

cool sensory bin preschool pre-k ppcd special needs

All you need for this gem is a few bags of craft pom poms in varying sizes, an ice cube tray, plastic spoons and any kind of bowl for the kids to put their “ice cream” into. We found our colorful, plastic ice cream bowls and spoons at Five Below. The kids loved making cool ice creams for their teachers!

Cool Sailboat Sensory

This fun sensory bin idea came from the blog: Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail. We saw their cool pin on Pinterest.

Pool Noodle Boats Water Sensory Bin: This is absolutely cute!

While we like to think that we are adventurous, we had our reservations about using water with this group of kiddos. We decided that it was the end of the year and we wanted them to have wonderful memories, so we went for it!

pool noodle sensory sailboat preschool special needs

We found everything we needed for this cool sensory activity at Dollar Tree. We bought a brightly colored pool noodle, a pack of craft foam and a few straws from Sonic and we were set! Two dollars was all it took for the kids to have HOURS of fun!

pool noodle crafts pre-k ppcd special needs sensory

pool noodle crafts preschool special needs ppcd sensory sailboat




pool noodle special needs preschool sensory sailboat water






 Popsicle Painting

This cool painting trick came from learnwithplayathome.com.

         Learn with Play at Home: Paintsicles. Frozen paint cubes for creative fun.

Their version was so cool, we knew it was must do in our classroom. popsicle painting ince craft special needs prek summer activitiesWe used Crayola finger paints, so that it would be thick.We just put some in each spot in the ice cube tray. We made a few mistakes by mixing the colors to make different colors. We found that it thinned the paint too much for the sticks to be able to stand up. So in order to get more than one color on each stick, we layered the paint colors in each spot. This actually ended up producing a very cool effect when the kids began to paint!

finger painting ice popsicle preschool special needs summer activitiesice painting popsicle finger paint special needs preschool craft

A few other things we learned in the process of creating the Popsicle Painting:

  • It took the entire package of four tubes of finger paint to fill one ice cube tray! The kids loved it though!
  • It only takes a couple of hours for the paint cubes to fully freeze.

If you are making them for a class, it would be best to make them at school. We froze ours at home and took them to school in a cooler with ice. They still held their form, but were a tad mushy.

We loved prepping all of these activities and our students had a GREAT time exploring. IF you have tried any of the things we talked our this week or have an idea to make these activities more engaging for the kiddos, please let us know.

-Angie & Heather

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