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All Hail The Pool Noodle 1

Pool Noodle History

Today’s post is all about that wonderful invention, the pool noodle! Every time I see another life hack featuring the uber versatile pool noodle, I say to myself, “why didn’t I invent the pool noodle?” I have often wondered who in fact DID invent the pool noodle and did that person have any idea what an ingenious item they had invented? After a little Google research, I found out that the pool noodle was invented over thirty years ago in Canada.  The part that is is still up for debate is the true inventor. There are two gentlemen who claim to be the inventor.  There are many articles out there about Rick Koster and Steve Hartman. Although neither of these men filed for a patent, they each claim to be the creator. This article looks at both men and their claim to be the inventor. While the infamous inventor is still up in that air, we can’t argue the fact that the pool noodle is quite the creation!

Ways We Have Used The Pool Noodle

Before school was out, we did a fun water sensory table with sailboats made from pool noodles. You can read all about it here. The kiddos LOVED their sailboats!

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Heather made super cool pool noodle nunchucks with her students during her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed week of Vacation Bible School. She said that the kids loved them and that they were practically indestructible!

TMNT Pool Noodle Nunchucks

Another way that we used the pool noodle in our classroom is on our mini trampoline.

Cover the springs of your trampoline with sliced up pool noodles as an extra safety precaution.

If you have a mini trampoline in your classroom, like we do, you know that the cover does NOT hold up. We saw this on Pinterest. The link to the original post is in the picture. The colors in this picture happen to be our classroom colors and are the exact colors I used. This is a great idea to keep little feet from falling in between the springs.

I was going to make this cool pool noodle hanging sprinkler, that you can read about if you click the picture, but I forgot to buy duct tape, so I thought I would just tell you guys about it! If I ever remember the duct tape, I will revisit this post and let you all know if it was a great success or an epic fail!

Make this super easy Water Sprinkler for the kids using a foam pool noodle  ... plus lots of other fun pool noodle crafts ... ZiggityZoom.

Other Cool Pool Noodle Uses

Check out these posts from momsandcrafters.com for a zillion and one other uses for the multipurpose pool noodle!

'Tis the season of stores overrun with pool noodles, cheaper by the dozen, and so the time to look into pool noodle crafts and activities to try!

You won't believe it's a pool noodle! Check out how many things you can do with a pool noodle! Pool noodle activities, crafts, and hacks.





We would love to hear from you if you have used the wonder that is the pool noodle!  Seriously, what can’t you do with a pool noodle?

-Angie & Heather



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